Eddie and Lacey's Cypress 18

Eddie and Lacey's Cypress (Cypress 18)


Lacey learned early in life to love adventure, try out new things and become accustomed to having the bare minimum while traveling the states with her family for many years. Later on she moved into a standard sized home and still enjoyed the organizing, sorting and pairing down of her belongings. So when she met Eddie, who suggested the idea of building a tiny house RV, she eventually realized that the project would be a perfect fit for the principles she already practiced!


Eddie was a bit messier but from a young age he loved the appeal of living tiny in a quality-crafted home. When he found that others were doing so on wheels and in style, he had to know more. He attended his first Tumbleweed workshop in 2010 and after meeting Lacey, together they decided to embark on building a modified Cypress 18 with the generous help of family and friends.

Learn more about their adventure at Life to Spec

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