Guillaume and Jenna's Cypress 20

Guillaume and Jenna's Cypress (Cypress 20)

Jenna Spesard

Jenna isn’t your typical small town girl. Born with a condition self-diagnosed as “travel fever,” she would often dream of breaking free from her traditional Midwestern life and wayfaring to far off places. As she grew older and bolder, Jenna took her first trip overseas to receive a Masters Degree from a notable Art college in Australia.

Back on American soil, Jenna found herself “feverish” yet again and journeyed west to live in Los Angeles. Over the next few years, Jenna worked in the entertainment industry, mitigating her ailment with cross-country road trips, European backpacking adventures and a cruise around Alaska.

Jenna’s condition seemed tamable, that is, until one year ago. That was when she and her partner Guillaume decided to build a Tumbleweed Cypress and travel around North America, documenting their journey.

Jenna still suffers happily from “travel fever,” and is not looking for a cure anytime soon.

Guillaume Dutilh

Guillaume was born and raised in France, with American citizenship from his mother. Growing up hiking through the Pyrenees, he always had a strong appreciation for nature and beauty. After receiving an Engineering Masters, Guillaume relocated to Los Angeles to start his career as an Industrial Engineer for Yamaha Motor.

His admiration for scenic environments only magnified as he explored picturesque California. As he yearned to capture these breathtaking landscapes, Guillaume trained himself in the art of photography, never to be seen again without a camera strapped across his shoulder.

Guillaume’s work quickly caught the eye of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, and he has since been hired to photograph their tiny homes - the latest while roving through the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

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