Tumbleweed Trailers 

Made in the USA, Tumbleweed trailers create a perfect foundation for your home. Designed specifically to carry your most prized possession - your home.


Tumbleweed ensures your quality-built trailer comes standard with brakes, lights, underside flashing and special trailer radial tires. These tires are a significant upgrade from tires normally found on utility trailers and extremely important for your safety. These radials differ from traditional bias-ply tires in their construction, minimizing tread wear and improving flexibility for better handling with heavier loads.

The tires we use are designed specifically for trailers with heavier loads and carry a manufacturer's warranty of four years. We use steel belted Grand Ride ST235/75R25, rated at 2540 lbs per tire, 5080 lbs per axle that should provide you with 30,000 miles of service with proper care and maintenance. You should be checking the tire pressure on all your vehicles once a month at a minimum.

Our suspension package, with multiple 5,000 lb axles, comfortably carries the weight of your tiny home. Standard 3,500 lb axles found on standard trailers may not meet your needs.

Designed for a tiny home

When it comes to attaching your house to the trailer, techniques have improved greatly over the years. Tumbleweed has taken advantage of the latest technology and added zinc-plated, all thread rods which serve as anchor bolts for the house framing. Heavy-duty, they are made to withstand major wind-drafting when driving on the open road and keep your house firmly attached to the trailer.

Additionally the trailer is designed to allow more than 3.5" of extra headroom in the house interior, something you cannot achieve on any other regular trailer. This increased headroom is a result of the trailer design, which allows for the insulation and floor framing to be a part of the trailer itself, eliminating the need for framing the floor separately. This improvement saves time and materials on your build, in addition to gaining the extra space where you need it — in the living space!

Tumbleweed trailers, which are deck-between, work with Elm, Cypress and Linden plans. The Mica design requires a deck-over trailer which we do not build.

Here's what you get:

  • Safety: Tires and suspension that can carry the load of a tiny home.
  • Head Space: Our trailer's unique design provides an extra 3.5" of head room.
  • Weatherized: Coated so it wont rust like most trailers.
  • Leveling: Scissor Jacks come installed on all 4 corners.
  • Instructions: We show you how to easily attach your home. 

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