2022 Roanoke

2022 Roanoke 30 Alta

$1,025/mo* $13,820 Down

  Price $125,000 + $879 D&H Fees
  Sleeps 2+ 4 in lofts
  Size 260 + 151 ft2 in lofts

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Features and Options

Length 30 ft
Space Main: 260 ft2
Sleeping Lofts: 151 ft2
Sleeps 2 + 4 in lofts
Certified RVIA
Green Certified
Warranty 1 year manufacturer
Weight 14,700 lbs (approx)
Towing 1 ton truck
Delivery Pickup in Colorado or
Delivery to entire USA
Exterior Painted Gray with white
and silver
Interior Dual Lofts $5,979
Classic Pine
Drawers in stairs $3,529
Kitchen Cooktop, Fridge
Large Sink $499
Oven $1,879
Upper Cabinets $1,942
Bath Porcelain Toilet
32″ x 32″ Shower
Utilities 50A Electric + Propane $3,279
Electric Package $1,459
Air Conditioner $3,559
Washer/Dryer $2,259
Solar Ready $1,179
3″ Sewer Hookups
Extras Custom Shelving $1,179
Exterior Steps $299

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*Calculated at 8.5% interest, 25 yr term with 10% down payment. Rates range from 7.6-12% for approved buyers based on credit history & other factors. Estimated monthly payment includes D&H fees, loan fees, delivery costs and sales tax. Loan fees, delivery costs and sales tax will vary state by state. Monthly payment does not include insurance, RV registration fees or property taxes.

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