Ok, so you’ve fallen in love with tiny houses and have started downsizing. Now you need to decide if you should build or buy. The difference between the two options is huge, and your budget and available time loom large as you decide.

The dream of building your own is greatly idealized. Is it feasible for you?

4 Things to Consider: DIY or Pro-Built Tiny House

  • What’s Your Budget?

Costs vary greatly based on size, materials used, and level of customization. Of course, labor is also a significant factor. If you are able to do-it-yourself, you can save up to 30-50% of the overall cost.

How much do tiny houses cost?

While the savings can be huge, a tiny house build will require months, or even years, of your life to complete. Not to mention the stress. On the other hand, for many, building your own is incredibly fulfilling, both in the life learning experience and priceless satisfaction of living in space built with your bare hands.

Importantly, the cost of a professionally built tiny house is much higher but fortunately there are now more financing options than ever before. Though, you might not be able to afford $60,000 upfront, a $483 monthly payment could be. Plus think of all the rent you’ll be spending when you could just get a Tiny House now.

A tiny house shell is a semi-DIY option, great for those desiring hands-on experience. The exterior is completed, and the interior is mostly unfinished. The cost is similar to a do-it-yourself build but less than most professional models. The best part? Some most difficult aspects of the build are done for you, like framing and electrical. Additionally, you can even purchase a certified RV shell. Financing for shells is available, but strangely, banks are more willing to lend on finished builds by a ratio of about 8 to 1.

  • Choosing Your Tiny House Size and Design

Deciding on the size and design affects all aspects of your build, whether DIY or professionally built. Of course, this includes cost. For instance, a 30’ trailer is thousands of dollars more than a 20’ trailer. As you can imagine, that 10’ makes worlds of difference when comes to usable living space.

How tiny is right for you? To help make this crucial decision, begin by identifying your needs and priorities. Your tiny house layout can be designed around these. That’s just what Claire and Seth did. Watch their tour to learn more.