Three Barn Raiser Stories

What is a Tumbleweed barn raiser?

It’s a partial tiny house that you finish yourself. With it you get the assurance that your home has a secure infrastructure built by our professionals. It’s a great way to expedite your build, while still getting the DIY experience. For more info, click here.

Today we’d like to share a few stories from some of our recent barn raiser customers. You’ll be amazed how these three barn raisers are going to become three completely different homes!

First up, Dani Moore (The Tiny House that Grandma Built)

Dani Moore’s barn raiser. A Modified Tumbleweed Elm

Why did you choose a barn raiser?

Dani Moore: I have some limitations. I have severe osteoporosis, some nerve damage and some loss of function in my legs so I wear a brace and use a mobility scooter. I knew the roof framing and lofts would be too much for me (to build). I know I can do the interior walls, but the rest would just be too much for me.

Dani in front of her eye-catching fuchsia door

Can you tell us more about your home, the size and design/layout you chose?

Dani: I have a 24 foot Elm, but my downstairs is actually only 18 foot because I have a 6 foot porch and a 12 foot wheelchair ramp. The porch was important so that I have somewhere to park my two mobility scooters while they are charging. I have a huge sleeping loft, almost 10′ x 6.’ My interior design isn’t set yet. I have a 30 inch front door so a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair can fit through it, but most of the time inside I can use a three wheeled stool to slide around. I will definitely need stairs so that, when needed, I can go up and down them on my butt. I would ideally find someone who has the engineering know how to set up a pulley system that I could use to manually lift myself up and down from the loft with a sling chair, but so far I haven’t found anyone. Perhaps one of the readers will have the knowledge I need!
Inside of Dani’s Barn Raiser

Any interesting elements that will make your tiny home special. How about that pink door?

Dani: I love my fuchsia door! I plan to paint the fascia boards and shutters the same color, then the rest of the trim white. The exterior walls will be a soft lavender.

Dani’s roof, skylight and Christmas tree


Next up: Jay and Becky Bayne (

Jay and Becky Bayne’s barn raiser in construction at The Shed Yard

Do you have experience building?

Jay & Becky: As you may have noticed by our blog name, we have NO construction experience outside of building bird houses and pinewood derby race cars, back when our now about to graduate Eagle Scout was but a Cub. But seriously, we have installed laminate flooring in a previous house, remodeled a bathroom including toilet and tile and done minor electrical repairs.  We are registered for the February Colorado Springs workshop and will be saving a lot of that “technical” stuff for when we get home.  Hope to glean a lot of useful ideas from our workshop peers.

Jay, Becky and their two sons

Can you tell us more about your home, the size and design/layout you chose?

Jay & Becky: We chose the Tumbleweed Cypress 24 with an expanded sleeping loft. The French doors on the side were something we saw on a tiny house post and loved. We enjoy cooking so a near normal size kitchen with full size appliances is a must, as is a tub/shower. There will also be a small staircase to make climbing to our sleeping loft easier for Becky and accessible to our four legged family members.  Jay is looking forward to incorporating his old component tuner and stereo speaker system into the house.  Not exactly space efficient, but the sound is definitely better than ear buds!

Jay and Becky Bayne’s barn raiser in construction at The Shed Yard


Last but not least: Jonathon Stalls (

Jonathon Stalls’s barn raiser

Why did you choose a barn raiser?

Jonathon: I run an amazing, but demanding social business called Walk2Connect and am fortunate to have enough savings to invest in something like this. Time and professional experience without compromising my own creative and desired DIY experience was the main fruit for moving forward with a barn raiser. It was a perfect fit.

Check out Jonathon’s inspiring TedTalk here about his walk across America.

Can you tell us more about your home, the size and design/layout you chose?

Jonathon: My home is a 24′ customized “Elm” overlook (w/keyhole in loft) design. Its just perfect for what I had envisioned. It has a beautiful long pitched roof and an open floor plan. I wanted the door on the side to have a big front window and a nice sized couch/bed seating area. I wanted an exterior opening door that gives as much space as possible for my 6’4 frame, 90 lb dog and various guests.

Jonathon’s loft
Anything you’d like to add about the build experience?
I’m beyond blessed by this experience. There is so much joy wrapped up in the planning and building. All of that said, I think I’m in my happiest places when I pull away from a work day and look at the collection of friends and family that have come together to help. Bringing together new and old faces through a tiny house project is inspiring, grounding, and healing.
Jonathon’s tiny house with some siding installed. His adorable dog will also be sharing this space.


*All photos provided by Dani, Jay, Becky and Jonathon.


Jenna BioJenna Spesard is currently traveling around North America in a DIY Tumbleweed Cypress with her partner, Guillaume. They are photographing and writing about their adventure and occasionally they will be hosting Tumbleweed workshops and open houses. Be sure to follow their tiny house and giant journey.


About the Author:

Jenna Spesard
Jenna Spesard built a Tumbleweed in 2014 and traveled with it for one year. She clocked over 25,000 miles, and now parks in a Tiny House Village. She writes about the Tiny House Movement on her blog Tiny House Giant Journey.

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