Operation Tiny Home™ Down Payment Assistance Grants

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Community Heroes:

  • Military and Veterans

  • Law Enforcement

  • Fire Fighters

  • Emergency Medical Personnel

  • Pre-K – 12th Grade Teachers

People Struggling with Hardship:

  • You Live In An Area That Was Affected By A Hurricane, Wildfire, Or Any Other Natural Disaster

  • Illness

  • Aging Out Of Foster Care

  • Disability

  • Surviving Spouse Of A Military Member Or Public Protector

You may be eligible for a down payment assistance grant from Operation Tiny Home toward your Tumbleweed down payment.

Operation Tiny Home Down Payment Assistance Grant Steps
Operation Tiny Home™

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Step 1:

Tumbleweed will determine your tiny home needs on this page, then we will help you secure bank loan pre-approval on the next page.