If you are looking to heat your tiny home with an off-grid heater, the two big power players are PROPANE and WOOD BURNING.

Let’s compare the most popular off-grid heaters for tiny house RVs: the Dickinson Marine P9000 and the Kimberly Wood Stove.

PROPANE: Dickinson Marine P9000

The Dickinson has been the leader in tiny house heating for some time because of its sleek look and compact size.

Christopher Smith from the film TINY installing his Dickinson in his Colorado tiny home. Photo credit here.


Space Saving. This tiny heater can be installed directly into your wall. The body of the unit is only 8.5″ wide x 14″ high x 5.5″ deep. 

Affordable. Off-grid appliances, especially those made for boats, are expensive. The Dickinson P9000 is $1145.15, including the chimney. Cost of fuel is not included.

Beauty. No one can deny that this is a good looking appliance. The glass door allows you to watch the flames flicker as the heater warms your tiny space.

Venting. Can be vented through the wall or ceiling.

Lightweight. Weight is always an important consideration when it comes to tiny house RVs.

Tiny House Heater

Brittany’s Bayside Bungalow with the Dickinson in her Washington state tiny home. Photo credit: