Tumbleweed continually seeks out the best people and business partners to be an integral part of our large and growing Tiny House Ecosystem. If you are one of the best in the below areas, please contact us. Partnering has rewards!

Affiliate Marketers

Join our Affiliate Program and start earning commissions. We provide you with all the necessary marketing tools to promote our products. Each time you send a customer to our web store and they make a purchase, you earn a sales commission. Learn More

RV Park Owners

Satisfy the big demand for those wanting to stay in a tiny house RV by offering your own ready-to-rent Tumbleweeds. We have specially priced multi-unit Tumbleweed packages that include the advertising resources to keep your units occupied all year long. Learn More

Tiny House Product Manufacturers & Service Providers

As a service to the Tumbleweed Community, we have assembled a directory of Tumbleweed-friendly materials, parts, accessories, and services as a resource we often refer our customers to. If you would like to be included in our directory please find out if you qualify. Learn More.

Manufacturer’s Representative

Earn cash by working with tiny house shoppers to help them understand their Tumbleweed options and then submitting a price quote to us for their perfect tiny house RV. Then earn even more commissions when your shoppers purchase a Tumbleweed. Learn More

Bloggers & Online Community Managers

Have an online community of Tiny House Enthusiasts? Want to give them the latest Tumbleweed product information? Subscribe to the Tumbleweed Media Service and be the first with the best for your followers. Also, find out how you can get listed our online directory of Tiny House Communities. Learn More.

Tiny House Broadcast Media and Event Managers

Producing a TV show, online show or a trade show for Tiny House Enthusiasts and would like a Tumbleweed presence? We have many options for you. Learn More.