For Affiliate Marketers Only

  • Have an online community of Tiny House Enthusiasts?
  • Do you blog about Tiny Houses?
  • Want to give your visitors and readers Tiny House product options they’ll love?
  • Want to earn extra income?

Become a Tumbleweed Affiliate Marketer

How it works

You add a text link or display ad to your website with a link to our website Your affiliate id code is included in the link to our site. If a visitor referred from your site purchases a product from our website within 90 days, you receive a commission.

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What are your commissions?

20% of sales on:

  • Books
  • DVDs
  • Building Plans
  • Workshops

10% of sales on:

  • Tiny House Trailers

There is no commission on the sale of a Tiny House RV or Tiny House Shell since those do not occur online.

How do you get paid? pays affiliates each month based on sales made from our website.

How long is the commitment?

You can cancel at any time.

Terms and Conditions

At any time, either party can cancel the agreement. Affiliates can not create their own prices or offer rebates to customers.

We've had affiliates earn over $1,000 in a month.

Your Next Steps

1. Apply at
2. Once approved, AvantLink will send you instructions on how to setup and activate your ads.
3. Start enjoying your new monthly income.

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Sample Tumbleweed display ads available to you from Avantlink

tumbleweed-dvd-ad-300x250-002 tumbleweed-workshop-300x250-003



tumbleweed-workshop-160x600-002 tumbleweed-workshop-ad-160x600-001