A group of six people, including two children, stand on the porch of a tiny house in a grassy area. The adults are smiling, and one child is in pink rain boots. It appears to be a rainy day, with tumbleweed visible in the background.

You may recognize this tiny house RV from a recent episode on FYI’s Tiny House Nation. This 207 square foot RV belongs to the Kasl family of four (that’s about 50 square feet per person). Recently we checked in with Kim Kasl to get the scoop on the interior features of this Tiny House RV and to learn how the family manages in a tiny space.

(Photo credit: Isanti County News)

Features of the Kasl Family Tiny House RV:

  • Based on customized Tumbleweed Elm 24 plans
  • Modified to have two sleeping lofts: one used as a master bedroom and the other as a shared bedroom for their two children.
  • An elevated walkway connects the two lofts

“We have a two burner electric stovetop, which is what I wanted and is perfect,” Kim explained. “Our fridge is apartment sized and is serving us well. My favorite item in the tiny house is our HUGE sink.”

Winter recently hit this Minnesota based Tiny House RV, and the Kasl family kept their tiny warm with a Kimberly wood stove.

“Some people seem to have this expectation that spending extended time (in a tiny house RV) will be traumatic for the kids.” Kim remarked. “Sully and Story adore the tiny house! Parenting (in the tiny) is much easier. We’re more connected, cozy, and engaged.”

“I love the ease and the peace.” – Kim, in reference to her Tiny House RV

Owning and maintaining a Tiny House RV can come with a learning curve. For instance, Kim had to learn how to use the composting toilet and how to skirt the RV for winter.

“Ryan has a professional career and needs more clothing storage than the rest of us,” she said. Kim has his shirts and jackets washed, ironed and put on hangers so Ryan can keep them in his closet at work, freeing up space in their teeny tiny closet.

The Kasl family is also adjusting to a bit of celebrity from their reality tv appearance. Kim shared some hysterical stories about being recognized on the street: “Twice I’ve had moms holding babies come up to me super close and whisper excitedly, ‘Do you own a Tiny House!?’  I say ‘Yes, would you like a tour!?’ which is responded with jumping up and down.”

What’s up next for the Kasl family? Well, it looks like they may have caught the tiny house fever! Kim says there has been talks of building another Tiny House RV (or two) when the kids get a little older. “We’re looking forward to building with Sully and Story so they can benefit from the experience,” said Kim.


*All photos provided by the Kasl family, unless otherwise noted

*See more and read more about the Kasl Tiny House on their blog here.