Arie and Yuki's Tiny House Getaway

Pictured above: Arie & Yuki’s Tiny House Rental (see inside)

After darting through Thailand’s alternative lodging accommodations, Arie and Yuki decided to bring a similar experience to their backyard. With glamping in mind, they bought a Tiny House, a yurt, a studio shed and a hot tub. And what started as a fun project turned into a side business for this Washington couple. Launched at the height of the pandemic in July of 2020, they focused on an experience that would exceed expectations. The result: “We are as busy as we want to be” touts Arie. His airbnb records indicate the place is rented about 24 days per month, generating over $5,000 in revenue. Most guests are local and many bring their dogs to enjoy this alternative getaway. In just over a year, they’ve hosted birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons and even a wedding.

Tumbleweed Fairplay CO

Pictured above: Anita’s first Tiny House Rental (see inside)

Anita Hirth bought a tiny house to be an auxiliary unit for Colorado home. But when her HOA demanded the tiny house be removed, she decided to convert her tiny home into a vacation rental on an RV lot she already owned. 30 minutes from Breckenridge and high up in the Colorado Rockies, her pipes froze many times the first winter, wiping out her profits for the season. She improved her weatherproofing and it’s been big business since then. Anita charges $125 per night summer and winter, and $60-$90 during the off season, ensuring it’s rented year-round. Seeing the success of her first tiny house, Anita now owns 3 tiny house rentals.