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D&H (Dealer and Handling) Charges

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company is a Colorado Licensed Vehicle Manufacturer and Dealer. License number 42810.

Whenever you purchase a vehicle, the dealer is required to process a lot of paperwork that most buyers are unaware of. Even if it is a trailer, the requirements still exist. Any person or company selling more than 2 vehicles in a year is required to have a dealer’s license and process this paperwork.

With our processing, we take care of the following:

  • Taxes (if applicable)
  • Complete the required security checks with the Office of Foreign Control.
  • Issue a Manufacturers Statement of Origin with a VIN that meets the Department of Transportation Requirements.
  • Issue a legally recognized Bill of Sale.

Please use caution when purchasing a tiny house trailer. Always ask for a dealer’s license number. We’ve heard too many stories about people being scammed by unlicensed tiny house trailer sellers.

Trailer Production Lead Time

    • 8-10 Weeks – Colorado Springs, CO

FREE Trailer Pick Up Locations

    • Colorado Springs, CO 80915

Tumbleweed Trailer Delivery Charges

Alabama: $1,800
Arizona: $1,300
Arkansas: $1,600
California: $1,500
Colorado: $600
Connecticut: $3,000
Delaware: $2,000
Florida: $2,500
Georgia: $2,000
Idaho: $1,300
Illinois: $1,700
Indiana: $1,800
Iowa: $1,500
Kansas: $1,000
Kentucky: $1,800
Louisiana: $1,800
Maine: $3,000

Maryland: $2,000
Massachusetts: $3,000
Michigan: $1,800
Minnesota: $1,600
Mississippi: $1,800
Missouri: $1,500
Montana: $1,400
Nebraska: $1,000
Nevada: $1,300
New Hampshire: $3,000
New Jersey: $2,000
New Mexico: $1,000
New York: $2,500
North Carolina: $2,000
North Dakota: $1,500

Ohio: $1,800
Oklahoma: $1,300
Oregon: $1,600
Pennsylvania: $2,000
Rhode Island: $3,000
South Carolina: $2,000
South Dakota: $1,300
Tennessee: $1,800
Texas: $1,500
Utah: $1,000
Vermont: $3,000
Virginia: $2,000
Washington: $2,000
West Virginia: $2,000
Wisconsin: $1,700
Wyoming: $1,000

Additional information

Trailer Length

20', 26'

Trailer Porch Option

Full Porch, Right Corner Porch, Left Corner Porch, No Porch