Guillaume and Jenna are building a Tumbleweed tiny home and sharing their journey. Pepper Clark, our popular workshop leader and tiny home expert, has been in their shoes and decided to chat directly with these “incredibly inspiring tiny house folks.”
Have you ever met people with such enchanting visions of the future that talking to them makes you want to dance? I recently spent time with Guillaume and Jenna, a dynamic duo building a tiny house in LA. They’re committed professionals in their 20′s who have been gainfully employed at work that paid the bills, but didn’t inspire them creatively. 
Framing the right wall (courtesy, Tiny House Giant Journey)

Framing the right wall (courtesy, Tiny House Giant Journey)

Like many idealists attracted to the tiny house idea, they notice a lot of people these days who don’t know how to define happiness or what it takes to create a lifestyle that satisfies their unique talents and preferences. Guillaume and Jenna want to take the road less traveled to see the country, pursue travel writing (Jenna) and photography (Guillaume), and take a jab at the Standard American Dream that, for so many, leads to a rut of working overtime scrambling for six figures and the proverbial picket fence.
When Guillaume’s father passed away not too long, it left him with a small inheritance, and an even more urgent desire to pursue his dreams. Between the two of them, they decided to use the opportunity to truly change the course of their lives. Guillaume went to his first workshop last year, and he and Jenna built a whole new picture of their future. He had a job as an engineer and realized he spent his work days killing time, so he’s since quit, attended a second workshop in Seattle as a refresher, and taken up building their tiny house full time.
He beautifully documents their build process in photos that are striking, playful, and yet still bring across the details of the project clearly – an art that I’m impressed by after my experiences trying to get great photos of my various tiny builds. It’s harder than it seems! Jenna is still at her job for now, working alongside Guillaume on the weekends and doing the writing for their wonderful blog, Tiny House Giant Journey. I plan to touch base with them periodically throughout the build so we can update you on their progress, but if you want to see a lot more of them, subscribe to the blog or “like” their Facebook page.
Guillaume and Jenna will face many challenges as they build their ship and sail off toward the tiny house horizon. Neither of them have actually built anything of this significance before and they’re learning a lot through the process. They haven’t lived together at all and they’ll be cohabiting for the first time, in a tiny house, on the road without their familiar surroundings and support networks.
This duo are taking unusual risks quitting “good” jobs and planning to develop new, more fulfilling careers while they adapt to life on the road. I firmly believe they’re making the best and bravest choice possible, and all of us here in the Tumbleweed family are wishing them the greatest success in every way. Bon voyage!
P.S.  Want to join them?  If you live in the LA area, then come to their BBBBQ building celebrations on the weekends:  more here.