Although we’re in the throes of winter, it’s already time to start planning for tiny house builds this spring.

Would you like to cross “trailer” off your build list? To save hundreds of hours of preparation and ensure a safe foundation for your home, then take a look at Tumbleweed trailers developed specifically for tiny houses.

Trailers come in all home sizes

Our trailers are available in 18, 20 and 24 foot lengths and work well for full porches (like Elm, Linden models) or corner porches (like Cypress models). The trailers include brakes, lights, underside flashing and special trailer radial tires – and four scissor-leveling jacks are also provided.

We all value maximizing tiny home space, and Tumbleweed trailers are designed to create an additional 3.5 inches of headroom in your house interior too.


Why buy a trailer?

Last year, Tumbleweed designed and began selling trailers for the first time. We had listened to many tiny house builders who didn’t relish the idea of specialized welding work OR spending up to 200 hours to prepare their trailers.

Getting an already tested trailer removes a burden, makes the building process go faster, ensures safety, and makes economic sense when considering trailer and labor costs.

Current prices for trailers

Trailer prices are $4,200 for 18 foot models, $4,500 for 20 foot models and $5,800 for 24 foot models. The large increase in 24 footers is due to the substantial length increase, including six wheels rather than four wheels for the smaller trailers.

In 2014, we have increased trailer production.

While customers were pleased with our 2013 trailers, our lead times were…very long!

Now we have expanded from three to five production locations and delivery times should be six-eight weeks. Having these five locations also enables us to establish clear delivery costs, depending on your state’s distance.

You may arrange for delivery from 48 contiguous states, or else pick up trailers free at these locations: Chambersburg, PA; Colorado Springs, CO; DeLand, FL; Portland, OR and Waterville, KS.

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