There you are, driving on the highway on a Saturday when you come up behind what appears to be an RV. You have never seen anything like it. It’s an RV, but it’s also a house; a house on wheels! As you approach and prepare to pass, you admire the hipped roof and the cedar siding. It even has a porch! As you hurry to your destination, you can’t seem to shake the thoughts in your mind. You have seen your very first tiny house RV, and you make a mental note to search for it on the Internet later.

As the tiny house movement has grown over the years, more and more people are discovering Tumbleweed. As you browse our website, you learn a little more the lifestyle. Just like a lot of people, you fall in love with them, but you can’t decide which model is your favorite. As you window shop you are also negotiating with yourself over how practical it is for you personally. It might seem like a crazy idea, but you don’t care! You still want one.

Let Tumbleweed Tiny House Company help you dispel some rumors about tiny house RVs.

First, tiny houses are not the petite shoeboxes that you think they are. Our team of expert craftspeople always focus on bringing your ideal tiny house RV to life with incredible floor plans, modern conveniences, as well as a lot of space and storage that will make you feel right at home.

Second, tiny houses are 100% legal. Tumbleweeds are certified recreational vehicles. In our landscape with so many laws changing, you can legally take them to mobile home parks, RV parks, outdoor spaces, and rural communities. Depending on your local zoning, you might be able to park them in your backyard.

Third, Tumbleweeds are for everybody. Tiny house RVs are fun. You can take them with you or leave them in your dream spot. They work no matter where you go.

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A friend of Tumbleweed: Shawna Renée

Creative Services & Marketing professional
Loves tiny houses and the social impact they bring to the table.

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