Sleeping obsesses us at Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. We are pleased to announce a new downstairs bedroom that’s roomy. It is separated from the great room! It has storage! We’re doing a happy dance, offering a new downstairs sleeping option for two real people.

Vantage magnifies the downstairs sleeping area, which measures 4’6″ by 6’3″

Meet The Vantages

The floor plan is available in the Elm 24 Vantage and the Cypress 24 Vantage models. Four adults may sleep comfortably, in the loft and the new downstairs bedroom. Under the magnifying glass, you will see the 4’6′ x 6’3″ bedroom up close. We placed the sleeping area behind the kitchen, with an open hallway leading to back bathroom. Yes, even the bathroom location is new here.

In the Vantage, there’s a folding ladder system (left) and abundant storage (right)

Wait, there’s more

For the first time, a cool ladder system has been added to this home which either sits on the edge of the bedroom or tucks away into the loft above. Look more closely (above, left) and you will see the ladder goes through the loft: when you arrive up there, you don’t need to rise over the edge of the loft. It’s a nice ascent, whether you use the loft for additional sleeping or storage purposes. See drop down ladder in motion here.

With the Vantage floor plan, Tumbleweed delivers more storage than any other plan. In the bedroom (above, right) there are wall cabinets which take advantage of the bedroom walls. What you don’t see in the blue-print here are the extra storage areas under the bed, in the kitchen AND in the loft.

 Here’s the Elm 24 Vantage, outside and inside (downstairs plan)

Welcome the Elm 24 Vantage

One of three floor plans for the Elm 24′ length, the Vantage delivers the bedroom along with a great room and kitchen which are 14’2″ long. The other Equator and Overlook floor plans work for different reasons, with the Equator offering a back room for one adult to sleep (or a study) and the Overlook maximizing the great room. Both are fine but not the SLEEPER inside the Elm 24 Vantage, wrapped up in a iconic Elm home!

  Here’s the Cypress 24 Vantage, outside and inside (downstairs plan)

Welcome the Cypress 24 Vantage

One of three floor plans for the Cypress 24′ length, the Vantage is a special option for this popular home. You experience a roomy bedroom area, the 14′-2″ kitchen and great room length AND the terrific bump-out area to use for cozy seating, a study or anything else. When surrounded by five windows, the “nook” is the favorite extra room that’s inside and outside.

Decisions, Decisions

As you head into your spring build, the Vantages may offer the right response if you declare: “I don’t want to climb a ladder!” or “My dog can’t get here easily, and neither can I!” Furthermore, the ladder ascends into the loft and feels safe whenever you do need to reach the extra bedroom or storage up there.

At this point, we welcome all your comments! Did we address your needs? What works and doesn’t work here? Would you select this model to build or buy? What questions do you have about the model? It’s time for Tumbleweed to see if this floor plan hits your sweet spot, and feel free to drop us a line here.