The Great Outdoors: Traveling Paddlers Stay In A Tiny House Hotel

The Great Outdoors - Stay Tiny

The first time I stayed in a tiny house RV, I was preparing to start an exciting new job. Happening almost simultaneously to the new job, I had made plans to go paddle boarding with some old friends. We decided to “go tiny” because of the affordability of the stay and the cozy cabin-like atmosphere of the accommodations. Several of the stand-up paddle boarders were flying in from other states across the country, ready to explore what the Colorado mountains offer. We required something remarkable, memorable, and more accommodating for our group size.

Staying in a tiny house RV in Woodland Park, Colorado provided a contextual accommodation for exploring the surrounding recreational areas in the Pike’s Peak mountain area. The views of the mountains, the pine trees, and the beautiful reservoir just a short drive up the Pike’s Peak Highway fit the bill for what we were looking for, to make our reunion very special. At the end of each day, we could settle in, back at the tiny house RV for drinks, board games, and storytelling.

At Peak View Park, you can go tiny and go stand up paddle boarding all at the same time. It was a winning combination. Staying tiny is an option worth considering for your next group activity, event, or family vacation. Need an idea for team building exercises? Try a Tumbleweed Tiny House RV in one of many locations around the country. Explore the activity options in the surrounding area, make a plan, set a date and get outdoors, by going tiny.

The Great Outdoors - Stay Tiny

For a weekend to a full week, staying tiny gives you the feeling of home away from home. Hotel rooms are great, but why book a suite in a building when you can book a tiny cabin on wheels, set in nature where it’s quiet, and the perfect setting in which you can unwind? Even if you require only single occupancy, there are many sizes to choose from at tiny house hotels. Also, Tumbleweed tiny house RVs are usually very affordable compared to hotel rates in the same areas.

If you happen to stay in one of our Tumbleweed Tiny House Hotels, submit a selfie or some photos of you enjoying the great outdoors while rounding out your trip in some unique accommodations. We love getting your photos and stories!

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