Who are the real Barn Raisers?

We had to share this video with you, to make sure you see that some people actually raise and move barns. Tumbleweed does not, in fact, offer this kind of help!

Instead, Amish Barn Raisers by Tumbleweed are fully-raised and sheathed tiny house shells, built by our Colorado team. We honor their Amish upbringing and community building traditions. They plan ahead, assign roles and, with materials in hand, construct high-quality shells in a couple days.

Who’s using Amish Barn Raisers?

We have learned a lot from you! Barn Raisers allow you to spend the time YOU WANT on your build this year.

Not for me: One tiny house builder helped with framing another tiny house, and is thrilled he won’t need to accomplish those stages when building his own home.

More time, better build: Another builder intends to spend extra time on wiring and system options for the future, before closing interior walls.

Getting it built: A third customer has ordered the full metal roof, and arranged for a local contractor to complete the build based on his own requirements.

It turns out that tiny housers want and appreciate a little help to jump start their builds.

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