KCI-sleeping on camp mats

We paid an electrician and a plumber to come and complete some of the tasks.  Another guy came to install glass into the door. We lucked out here because Kevin had a window that was the perfect size for the opening. He gave us the window for $45.  Bargoon.

I painted the door yellow and it looks pretty good.  It’s not as bold a yellow as I’d wanted, but apparently they don’t make the bold colour choice in an exterior paint.  If I’m still indifferent to the colour, I’ll repaint. Life is too short not to be bold.

We’ve been sleeping in the tiny house (I need to give it a name) for a few nights.  We’ve only been using camp mats but it works. The one thing I hadn’t anticipated (duh) was how often I need to climb down the ladder in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.  Unless you have a strong bladder, it might be better to opt for a model with a bedroom downstairs.  Some nights we’ve slept downstairs and that’s been fine too.  One night our 18 year old slept downstairs and we slept up; there’s plenty of room for our 20 year old if he ever chooses to stay with us.  The beach makes everything worth the effort.  Swimming in Lake Huron is amazing.  (Side note — we swam in August. It’s now November, we’re not swimming this week!)

The kitchen drawers were installed, I just have to put the pine drawer fronts and knobs on. We’re still waiting for the shelves, but that can happen in September when the students can do it.  I moved my Value Village dishes onto the existing shelves and that made it feel like home.  I’ll pick up a piece of memory foam so we can retire the camp mats. My hip bones will thank me.

In one of the pictures below, you’ll see how this house was tarped for months before the metal roof got installed.

We’ve cut back a lot of the branches so that there won’t be too many problems. Still, they’re oak trees, so the acorns falling on the roof creates quite a noise.

The picture of my folks on the grass shows how lovely the property is; to the left of us, is a bank that leads to a large sandy beach.  The little house is parked about 250 feet away from this area. That’s the only downside; we don’t have a view of the lake from our wee house.  We’d have driven the house closer to the bank, but there were just too many trees in the way.