It is with great pleasure that we re-introduce to you one of our favoriteTumbleweed builders. Her name is Kendall and what she is trying to accomplish with her Lusby build is a great inspiration to all of us at Tumbleweed HQ.

In an attempt to do something about the rampant homelessness she observes daily, Kendall started her own company NerdGirlHomes. She set the goal for herself to build a Tumbleweed to donate to a family in need or have a raffle of the house and give the proceeds to a related cause. As you can see from these pictures, she is well on her way. Kendall embodies the type of industrious spirit and open-minded determination that is the hallmark of a Tumbleweed builder. Her example is worthy of imitation and your support. She is accepting donations of time and funds to assist her build. Please visit her site