The Great Debate: Ladders vs. Stairs in Tiny Homes

Because of the widespread growth of tiny houses, they are beginning to attract people from all seasons in their lives; from recent college graduates looking to save housing costs to pay off student loans to retirees wanting to travel the country in their Tiny House RV. Growing families are now looking to provide adventure and experiences for their kids, so they opt for minimalism. No matter your age or what your motivation to go tiny, people are coming to the same conclusions about the average tiny house.

“What if I need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night?
I don’t want to climb a ladder at two in the morning.”

If you were to ask a tiny house builder or speaker at a tiny house event what questions they are most often asked, you are likely to hear responses about privacy, toilets, and ladders. With tiny houses averaging an estimated 200 total square feet of living space, lofts included, is it even possible to have stairs or steps inside your home? We say yes.

For ladders, the cons are clear. In many cases, ladders are less stable, and they may not be a good option if you have small children, pets, or elderly in your tiny, that need to navigate loft space. Additionally, ladders either stand in the way or they need to be stored, and thus become a cumbersome and daunting task even though they are a significant space saver over time. There are a couple of ladder pros.

The cons for stairs are the exact opposite of the positives for ladders. Stairs are big, bulky, and can be heavy, depending on their material.

Here are some pros to the great debate of stairs vs. ladders, to help you find a solution for the hurdle many are facing about whether or not they could go tiny.



When choosing a tiny house design, you want to consider all of your options to save floor space, storage, and anything you might need room for in the loft. Choosing the way you navigate your loft space is a significant concern. Don’t be fooled into thinking ladders are the only option for tiny house living with a loft. Consider the pros of having stairs in your tiny home floor plan.

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