Understanding how square footage is measured is similar to uncovering a hidden mystery for most people. In the past, we’ve made it simple and listed the total square feet of many of our homes irregardless of ceiling height. We did this because we felt it gave a better representation of “usable” space, and less people were confused. After years of being unconventional, we’ve decided to conform as much as possible when listing the total square feet for our homes.

Generally, a ceiling height must be over 7 feet tall to be counted as square feet. Since many of our homes under 130 square feet have ceiling heights of less than 7 feet, we will measure the square footage of the house simply by the total footprint. The rules for room with sloped ceilings are intricate; but a quick summation is that if the ceiling height is above 5 feet, that portion is included in the square footage. If the ceiling height is below 5 feet, that area is not included.

When measuring the total square footage of a house, the exterior walls are usually included. We’ve included measurements to the framing of the house (and not the exterior finish). See it gets complicated. Just know that the total house measurements include the walls, and typically room sizes do not.

You will notice that the total square feet on our homes might be different from the past on both our website and from some of our printed materials. Please know that the houses haven’t changed, only the area that is measured.