Hi! I’m Nara,
Tumbleweed’s staff writer.

You might have seen my name on the bottom of recent blog posts, or perhaps you noticed my face looming over a questionable gingerbread house. Now it’s time for a formal introduction!

In addition to managing the blog and talking with you lovely people about your tiny house dreams, I’m in the process of finishing college in the glorious liberal woods of Western Massachusetts. For my what you might call my senior project, I have been attempting to dissect a small but crucial slice of the
American Dream: The American House. 

Playing TinyPlaying tiny- I had to fend off some small children for this shot 

Beginning later this month, I’ll
be living in a Fencl on my campus for 120 days. I want to share the benefits
and realities of living small, so I’ll be writing about my “Tiny
Semester” on this blog. I’ll also be holding several open houses and
informal workshops in the Western Massachusetts area- contact me if you’re interested! 

I’m so excited to be a part of Tumbleweed, and to pursue these tiny dreams of my own. One of the things that drew me to Tumbleweed was flexibility. Instead of
prescribing one set way to create a structure, Tumbleweed allows for houses and
builders of all shapes, colors and sizes. Everyone is encouraged to create
their own unique take on a tiny house. 

To me, creating my own tiny house set-up is the ideal way to wrap up my year of studies. I want to create an interactive, influential space on my campus that represents alternative possibilities for housing. This also presents the opportunity to live off-grid, which is an important step for me. With help from my college and fellow students, I’ve been
working hard to develop sustainable, low-impact ways of residing in my tiny
house. Hello composting toilet, goodbye refrigerator! 

And as I near my final semester of school, I want to try something different: I want to really, truly have to live with myself. To forgo plastic
bins and cardboard boxes of hidden pasts, to be conscious of the line between
useful and excessive. I want to address myself piece by piece, taking it apart,
discarding the excess, and reassembling in an appropriate, Tumbleweed-sized

I will graduate college all too soon, and I don’t want to
walk straight into a mortgage. I don’t want to be told to buy a house on
unrealistic credit and that it’s my fault if I can’t pay it. I want to joining
hands with the young people all over the world that are saying “NO!”
to an outdated American dream. 

Watch out for upcoming blog posts. Heads up: I’m packing up my life this week, so it’s about to get interesting!