Ever wondered which Tumbleweed design is right for you? We’ve created this fun little quiz to get your creative juices flowing. Think of it as a tiny design compatibility quiz! We hope you find a match!

Which bedroom do you prefer?

A. Tumbleweed Tiny House Cypress - Savannah

B. Farrallon_bedroom_grande

C. artist-bedroom-attic

Choose an interior wall finish:

A. Natural wood

B. Painted wood

C. Dry wall

Which roof type do you prefer?

A.  Gable roof

B. Shed roof

C. Something complex with traditional asphalt shingles

Choose a countertop style:

A. Quiz Tiny House

B. Quiz Countertops

C. Quiz Marble Counters

Which bathroom style do you prefer?

A. Farmhouse Charm, Cabin Chic or Rustic

B. Contemporary or Modern

C. Luxurious with all the fixings: clawfoot tub, tile flooring, glass shower door, etc.

How do you feel about porches?

A. Must have! I want to sip coffee on a cute little porch.

B. I think porches are wasted space for Tiny House RVs.

C. I’d like a porch, but I need it to be at least 10′ x 10′

Choose your favorite siding:

A. ready-ext-siding-cedarsealed

B. Siding metal

C.  Quiz siding

Which closet is best for you?

A. I don’t need one, or something simple and small.

B. A storage staircase, small closet, or multi-purpose storage is enough

C. Two words: Walk in

Which interior width is enough?

A. 6’8″ is fine

B. I need a little more, 7’7″ would be enough.

C. I get claustrophobic. I need at least 10′ in width.

Choose your cabinet style:

A. ready-kit-storage-oakcabinets


C. Any type, as long as I have A LOT of them!

Your Quiz results!

If you answered mostly A: 

You’re a classic Tiny Houser, and you gravitate toward the traditional Tumbleweed designs: Elm and Cypress. These tinies emit a natural and earthy aesthetic. The charming Tumbleweed Elm inspired the entire Tiny House Movement, with the first being built in 1999. Today the Tumbleweed Cypress is our most popular model. Both classic designs remain relevant and continue to dazzle with their beautiful rhythm, form and functionality.

If you answered mostly B:


You’re a contemporary Tiny Houser and you gravitate toward the new Tumbleweed designs: Farallon and Roanoke. These tinies maximize interior space, utilizing the extended width of the Low-Wider trailer. Flexible and functional, these designs synthesize modern aesthetics and traditional farmhouse form with a rich palette of materials.

If you answered mostly C:


McMansion photo credit: https://flic.kr/p/wxzqZm

You may not be ready to Go Tiny! Why? You gravitate toward heavy materials, such as: tile, brick, concrete, asphalt singles, etc. These materials are not recommended in Tiny House RVs due to weight restrictions. Does this mean you can’t have a marble countertop? Of course not! What it means is that you may need to compensate for that weight in other places. If you want a large kitchen, bathroom AND an extra wide trailer, you should ask yourself: why I am going tiny?  

Are you a mix of designs?

No problem! Your tiny will be really unique. Pull from all three categories to create your own original Tiny House RV design. Just be sure to watch the weight of your chosen materials!

Share your quiz results in the comments!