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Where will you live when you retire? Will you be able to maintain your house and a lifetime of belongings during your golden years? Or could a simpler lifestyle reduce your burdens? At Tumbleweed, we are seeing more and more senior citizens downsizing to Tiny House RVs. Here’s why –

Seniors are using Tumbleweeds in several different ways. Some enjoy their tiny mobile dwellings as a comfortable alternative to the traditional RV. Others park in a family member’s backyard, giving them an opportunity to maintain independence and privacy while being near loved ones. Widows and single seniors find tiny living to be less stressful and more fulfilling. Could Tiny House RVs be the next senior-lifestyle trend? 

Read on for three stories of senior citizens “going tiny.”

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By living in 166-square-feet, Bette Presley hopes to avoid a nursing home altogether.

Bette Presley (age 72) downsized with the goal of saving her children the task of going through her belongings if she becomes infirm. Her Tumbleweed Elm includes an extra-wide front door, downstairs bedroom with a twin bed, and a lofted bed for guests. It was important for Bette to have an option for mobility and off-grid parking. By choosing Tumbleweed, her Tiny is RVIA certified and ready for solar power. Read more on her story here.

Senior Citizen Tiny House

Dani, a disabled widow, took another approach to “Going Tiny.”

In 2014, Dani, a grandmother in her 60s, attended a Tumbleweed workshop and purchased a Tumbleweed shell. Her dream was to finish the build herself, even though she requires a wheelchair for mobility. Two years later, she completed construction of her Tiny, proving she’s one tough granny!

Dani installed a custom wheelchair accessible ramp for her Tiny House RV and opted for a large front door. Unlike most seniors, Dani loved the idea of sleeping in her loft. Through some clever engineering and help from friends, she created a chair lift using a rock climbing harness. Could this be the first Tiny House chair lift?!

Adele retired, downsized, and moved cross-country.

As an outdoor enthusiast, Adele liked the idea of retiring into an RV, but she wanted the comforts of a regular home. She came across Tumbleweed and was sold on the RVIA and Green certification. Adele’s Tiny includes a large outdoor living space with a hot tub and covered porch. She customized the Tumbleweed Cypress design to have a side door for easy access and more interior living space. Once a school teacher, Adele now enjoys living on a family-owned farm in Oregon, where she helps around the property and hosts book club events.

Do you think Tiny House RVs are a good solution for senior citizens?

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Article written by Jenna Spesard

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