Storage, Odds and Ends

Storage set in to the wall is a great option. Enclose the
lower portion of the cabinet and leave the upper cabinet open to create the
feel of a larger space. Using glass shelving helps keep the feeling of the room

Repurposing furniture is a great way to create more storage
and allows you to find something that specifically meets your needs. We
recommend using a marine varnish on wood furniture to protect it from moisture.

Keep your window treatments simple. If you can, avoid
curtains completely. Frosted glass provides privacy without clutter. If you
decide to use a window treatment choose a fabric that allows light to pass
through and cover only the bottom half of the window.

Proper ventilation of a small bathroom is a must! To save
energy and still remove moisture install a ventilation system with a timer. To
remove the heat and moisture the vent may need to be on for as much as an hour.
A timer allows you to leave it and not waste energy.

Create the illusion of more space by leading the eyes up.
Vertical lines on the walls or simple molding at the ceiling draws the eye
upward and creates the feeling of a larger space.

Fight clutter! Take your assessment of your storage needs
seriously and plan accordingly. Avoid busy or large patterns in your space.
Instead, accent a neutral pallet with bold color.

Brittany did an amazing job designing her Fencl’s bathroom
See more images of Brittany’s Fencl

Design your lighting with your needs in mind. Florescent
lighting is energy efficient but can completely wash out natural color. Invest
in full spectrum florescent lighting to get the color and the environmental
benefit. Install both ambient lighting and task specific lighting. That task
might require a good strong light above the sink for shaving or applying
make-up or it might require warm lights with a dimmer for long leisurely baths.
Again, keep your needs in mind and design around them.

Pocket doors are incredibly handy in small spaces. The space
saved where the door would normally swing can be used for storage or simply
open space which is a luxury in itself. 

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