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Holidays Past

Over the holidays you might experience a heavier recollection of your fondest memories. During the rest of the year, the memories aren’t as intense. During the days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, you may be thankful for your all-time favorite holiday dish. The image of a particular holiday decor item your grandparents displayed ever year might dance around in your head. Your uncle might have practiced his new joke out on you while passing the mashed potatoes, or your siblings may have gotten you a gag gift stocking stuffer that caused memorable laughter. The memory of holidays past initiates the magic of the season.

Holidays Present

As you celebrate, you’re also creating new memories this season and every following season. Honor this season, by giving the effort to be kinder and gentler to people. Celebrate this season by getting a little fancier than you usually would. If you aren’t much into celebrating, to begin with, why not try to loosen up and give it a try this year? What could it hurt? Create good memories in the spirit of Christmas present.

Holidays Future

Do you feel like you’re behind schedule because it’s already Thanksgiving and you haven’t done any holiday gift shopping yet? Putting added pressure on yourself isn’t going to make the holidays memorable in a positive way. Celebrate Thanksgiving first before you start worrying about all the gift buying. Looking too far ahead won’t curb your anxieties about the holidays.

When you look forward to the future, it should be a good thing. Not a bad thing. The future will be what it will be, based on the actions you take this year. Starting with the giving of thanks and making the time to reflect on the things you are grateful for, you can prepare yourself for an even better holiday season than you can imagine.

A Holiday Pep Talk

The lights will be a little bit brighter, the carolers will appear even more festive, and you might just forget that you scoffed at the stores when they were putting out Christmas decorations too early. Thanksgiving is the day we kick off the season, by gathering with friends and family to “break bread.” Be humbled by the softening of attitudes through the thankfulness they express on Turkey Day. The day ends with football games, full bellies, and the acknowledgment that the festivities closing out the year (2017) are only just beginning.

Tumbleweed Sales Team

Thankful for Tumbleweed Real Talk

We asked some of our Tumbleweed Tribe members what they were thankful for this season and what they looked forward to eating on Thanksgiving Day. Our sales team had some great answers.

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