What’s in a name? The newest member of the Tumbleweed family, the Amish Barn Raiser, draws on hundreds of years of craftsmanship and community. It’s in the long tradition of our Tumbleweed builders, Dave, Ben and Alan, all raised in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Interestingly, it’s an unfinished house which has been expertly raised and sheathed for you.

Amish Barn Raisers are installing roofing, back in 1965.

Why call it the Barn Raiser?

The iconic image of a  “barn raising” is synonymous with Amish life in America. The tradition is born of community needs and a strong belief in the importance of helping one another. With planning and hard work, there are jobs that can be done by one person. Then there are jobs that, no matter how well you plan or how hard you are willing to work, require a community. Raising the walls of a barn is that kind of job.

Raising a barn is a showcase of the craftsmanship, organization and skill embodied by the tradition of Amish builders. The process of “barn raising,” frequently portrayed by the media as taking a single day, will often take a week or more. Master builders first make the plans and assign jobs, and then men (in this case) of the community work together to raise the walls. Add to this idyllic image the time for pre-planning, preparation of materials and finish work and the enormity of the endeavor begins to take shape.

Alan raises a Tumbleweed Tiny House wall, in 2013.

A Tiny House “Raising” here

The Tumbleweed team has led, participated in and enjoyed many small house builds. Although not on the scale of raising a barn, building a tiny house poses unique challenges in the exacting nature of both the measurement and planning.

During this modern era, we understand that not everyone has access to a local community which pitches in and helps them build — let alone a master builder in their contact list with a tradition of craftsmanship born of an Amish upbringing.

That’s where the new Barn Raiser and Tumbleweed builders, Dave, Ben and Alan, come in. Let us help you get started! Have master craftsmen raise your walls, insulate your floors and frame your windows. Your team is here. Let’s get to work. We’ll build this together.

The Amish Barn Raiser is ready to be delivered or picked up.

Your green Barn Raiser!

The Barn Raiser looks sort of like a green house when prepared and ready for you. It sports the shell of an Elm, Cypress or Linden based on which exterior model and size you plan to build. The Tumbleweed trailer serves as the foundation for your stick-built walls and roof, which get raised and secured. The sheathing is a special zip board, creating an integrated water vapor barrier, and the roof also gets an ice/water shield. 

What’s nice is that you will save money on new materials and, depending on your building experience, hundreds of hours of work. When delivered or picked up, we won’t hide the fact there’s plenty of work ahead to complete the exterior and interior of your home. You still finish the home, with the unique details that make it distinctly yours.

We have heard you, listened to your building desires, and expect that starting your tiny house build with a Barn Raiser may be sweet, indeed.

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