Tiny House Big Love

Your tiny house has enough room for big love. Remaining true to the minimalist lifestyle, you have accomplished simplification, and de-cluttered your world. Now you enjoy being more organized, and every day you make a choice to live with less. You feel great without the burden of “stuff.” So what happens next? Can you live without love? Do you have room enough for big love, in your tiny house?

Developing his Tesla Model 3 should have been an exciting prospect, a monumental achievement – yet Elon Musk was in deep emotional pain throughout that time of his life. He was going through a break-up. If Elon Musk needs companionship in his life to be happy, then why would it be any different for any of us?

Warren Buffet is another wealthy and successful man that pays his respects to love and companionship. Buffett explained to Forbes magazine that without having a loved one to share the wealth with, making money means nothing. A supportive significant other increases your chances of success.

Companionship Is Healthy

Feeling desired and cared for is an essential element of life, no matter how small your carbon footprint is. You have a tiny house, but you don’t have to be minimal when it comes to filling it with love.

  • Social connections are good for you
  • When it comes to relationships, pick quality over quantity
  • Good relationships protect your brain

Leading Harvard researcher, Dr. Robert Waldinger, a psychiatrist, states “Good relationships keep us happier and healthier.” The on-going Study of Adult Development, conducted by Harvard since 1938, turned up some insightful results. The lessons learned are not pointing to money or fame as being the key to happiness. The three things to take away from the study

Tiny House Big LoveFebruary is a great month to evaluate your love life. What fits and what doesn’t fit? Valentine’s Day provides plenty of discussion about couples compared to singles. Some contend it’s a commercialized “Hallmark holiday,” but others celebrate with more vigor than the Christmas enthusiasts. The perpetually single scoff at the warm fuzzies of cupid’s bow, while the kids in elementary schools are making their own Valentine’s cards and giving the best ones to their favorite friends in class. Valentine’s Day causes an emotional response. We know why. Relationships are the vital part of our lives.

Free Valentinies

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