As the holiday season approaches, consider spending time in the perfect Bavarian themed town of Leavenworth, WA, complete with similarly themed Tumbleweed Tiny Houses! The beautiful Cascade Mountains provide the perfect backdrop to relax or enjoy the numerous recreation activities in the area’s alpine setting.

The Leavenworth Tiny House Village offers vacationers a unique way to experience the Bavarian town of Leavenworth. Each tiny house is appropriately themed and will elevate your experience in this German town. The tiny house village encourages guests to rest up and recharge, all while taking in what vacationing tiny has to offer. These five tiny houses are full of character and personality, and range from 180 – 300 square feet. Adeline, Otto, Hanna, Rudolf, and Belle await!

If you’re looking to plan a snow-filled getaway, the Leavenworth Tiny House Village fits the bill. Enjoy 300 acres of beautiful snow-kissed forests and meadows. You’ll be able to ride snowmobiles directly across the street from the village. Or, if you’re in the market for a slower day, try out cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or sledding!

After a long day of exploring, head back to the Leavenworth Tiny House Village to complete your experience in this idyllic, Pacific Northwest town. Get to know the tiny houses below!

Sweet Adeline has a love of tradition and family heirlooms. Forever the hostess, she’s a fan of all holidays and goes all out for each and every one. Her enthusiasm for bringing her loved ones together is contagious. When she isn’t planning the next big event, she focuses her time on ancestry and tracing her family’s roots. This tiny house sleeps four and features a first floor bedroom with a twin bed.

Adeline is a Tumbleweed Cypress 26′ and sleeps 4-5.

Book Adeline Now from $149/ Night

Known for his bravery, Otto is not one to shy away from a challenge. He is a natural born leader and leads with pride and integrity. A confident individual, Otto works to build up those around him. He dives in to tasks with enthusiasm and passion, and has yet to find a challenge he can’t overcome. His modesty throughout it all remains one of his greatest attributes. Otto is an inspiration to all he meets.

Otto is a Tumbleweed Cypress 26′ and sleeps 4-5.

Book Otto Now From $149/ Night

Hanna dances through life and lives with infinite grace. She is a lover of the arts, specifically dance and music. Each day, Hanna brings an air of sophistication to the world and is recognized for her poise and compassion. At the same time, she has the ability to make everyone feel welcome regardless of the circumstance. She keeps her head up and always looks out for her closest friends and family.

Hanna is a Tumbleweed Linden 20′ and sleeps 2

Book Hanna Now From $129/ Night

A bit of a class clown, Rudolf’s playful demeanor leaves him loved by many. He is overly friendly and can make even the shyest individual feel welcome. Though he’s certainly a people person, Rudolf enjoys his me time, specifically in nature. He finds solace in the winter months and is most active when there’s snow on the ground. Skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, sleigh rides, Rudolf loves it all!

Rudolf is a Tumbleweed Elm 26′ sleeps 4-5.

Book Rudolf Now From $145/ Night

Belle is a friend to many and has never met a stranger. She’s best known for her kind soul and willingness to help others. A lover of poetry, she keeps her favorites handy at all times and constantly seeks out new collections. Belle has the ability to lose herself in a book for hours, and you’ll often find her doing just that. Small actions go a long way for Belle and she looks for the positive in each and every day.

Belle is a Tumbleweed Elm 26′ and Sleeps 4-5

Book Belle Now From $145/ Night

About Leavenworth, WA

For the ultimate Bavarian charm, head into town and celebrate the season! The downtown area is lovingly referred to as “Little Bavaria,” complete with standard German architecture and countless Christmas celebrations, including over half a million Christmas lights and carolers galore! Visitors can look forward to a number of fun events put on by the town of Leavenworth including Alpenfolk in the Gazebo, a special showcase of alpine folk music; the Bavarian Boondocker’s Snowfest, a snowmobile winter power sports event; and the famous Christmas Lighting Festival, where this quaint Bavarian village glows with millions of Christmas lights and the sounds of caroling drifts through the air!

Regardless of the tiny house you choose, you’re sure to have a wonderful time in the charming town of Leavenworth. While winter is a popular season for the area, the Leavenworth Tiny House Village is open yearround and boasts plenty of summer activities, as well. From hiking and biking to regional wine tasting and German beer flights, Leavenworth is certainly a must see!

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