Your Inspiring Tiny Thanksgiving Ideas

It’s the day before Thanksgiving. Your sister, brother-in-law and niece are visiting you and your tiny home this evening. How will you entertain everyone? What will you make for dinner?

Gourds set the mood (flickr/nickshadel)

Gourds set the mood (flickr/nickshadel)

Tumbleweed Houses recently posed these questions to Facebook visitors and discovered how you would celebrate in a cute little place.

Along with cheeky suggestions for reservations, we received a flood of heartfelt and creative responses for enjoying the holidays. Square footage didn’t really change how you mingle with family or friends.

Call us impressed! With so many delectable ways to give thanks, here are the most inspiring ideas to chew on.

Thanksgiving Eve and Day Ideas

Turkey Fry – “Deep fry the turkey outside, make remaining dinner inside, set the table outside with a nicely set table weather permitting of course. If not a small folding table inside with names written on small white pumpkins as place setting. Precook as much as possible and after dinner a nice board game or an evening of looking through old photos reminiscing of Thanksgivings of the past. some apple cider or spiced tea with dessert.” Julie Fair Thomas

Indoor Turkey – “Since it will be dinner for four, I’d make two turkey breasts, a small ham, gravy, steamed vegetables and stuffing. If that’s still too much to cook then a chicken and stuffing casserole with a dinner salad. And don’t forget the apple pie for dessert or even some chocolate dipped strawberries. After dinner, serve some wine for the adults and sparkling grape juice for the little one and watch a funny family movie and play some games like pictionary or charades.” Gisela Marquez 

Vegetarian – “There would be some type of vegetarian dinner. I am making Shepard’s Pie, soup, salad and a cake this year. Then as long as it is not raining a movie projected onto the side of my house. (my dream tiny house is a moving driving theater on one side…big screen TV where ever I go).” Brenda Lott 

Crockpot – “I’d cook some chili in my crockpot, some fresh cornbread & chai tea plus blueberry lime Tiramisu for dessert. Entertainment would depend on the age of the niece… At the very least a funny movie would get popped into the dvd player.” Andee Wasson

Soup“I would make turkey soup with cranberry scones or muffins. I would theme the dinner Thanksgiving with the Lady who lived in a shoe…tight but cozy. We would build a bonfire and share mother goose stories in the evening while we roasted marshmallows by a roaring fire outside. Then we would go inside and spread pillows all over the floor and drink spiced wine.” Robert Lisowski

Hawaiian – “We would eat outside. I would ask that they bring the wine, dessert, and rolls, and I would make wild rice hotdish (a staple growing up in MN) and one or two other sides. For the turkey, schools have fundraisers here by digging a huge ‘imu (underground pit) and cook hundreds of turkeys in it. Simple!” Sam Craddock

Tiny Theme – “I would make them lots of mini-foods just to freak them out. And make them wear tiny hats.” Carrie Rice

Sweet Singing – “Entertaining outdoors seems to be the best option. Parked at a campsite…I could prepare dinner in my tiny house, but cook it over the campfire. We have always been a musical family, so I think for entertainment I will bring out my acoustic guitar. I don’t know many songs, but I can play a passable version of Scarborough Fair, Kempt’s Jig, and a Waltz and “Andantino” by Ferdinando Carulli. The rest of the time I can fill with random chords and arpeggios.”  Sage Blackthorn

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