We’ve been naming our boats and cars as long as they’ve been around. Naturally, a group as eclectic as tiny house enthusiasts would name their Tiny Homes. After all, that is how Tumbleweed got named. When the very first Elm was built in 1999 it was named “Tumbleweed” because it was mobile and provided roots at the same time.

First Tumbleweed 1999

From Star Trek to Seinfeld to Monty Python, the strangest or sometimes most ordinary of things can inspire a tiny house name. Terry Lee’s tiny house name reaches back to her childhood. “My Mom called me TuraLee so my tiny has my childhood nickname,” she explained. Nikki tried to get creative when naming her tiny, but couldn’t find anything that fit. In the end, it just became “The Tiny” and her friends know exactly what she means. Ashley Gerow insisted that her Tiny House name reflects her Texas Pride, and fittingly named it “TinyTex”.

As a tiny house owner myself, I can relate. My house’s name came about haphazardly. Two days before Christmas I signed all the paperwork and shouted “It’s a Festivus miracle!” recalling on of my favorite TV shows, Seinfeld. The name stuck, but that hasn’t stopped one friend from complaining that it’s a mouthful. When I shared my story online, many people wrote me back and told me their stories.