2017 Roanoke 26 with Vista Floorplan

Featuring a shed style roof, the open floor plan combines kitchen and living under 10 foot ceilings giving the interior a spacious feel.

First Floor Size 221
Loft Size 80
Usable Space 301
Sleeps 5
Length, Width, Height (of the RV) 26′ x 8’6″ x 13’4″ (approx)
Price & estimated monthly payment $82,300 or $519/mo with 20% down, 4.95% interest, 15 year loan.  Apply for a loan
Exterior color description: Sealed cedar wood with black windows, door and charcoal gray roof
Insulation: R20
Interior finish: Sealed pine tongue and groove
Kitchen cabinets and counter: Chocolate colored cabinets and maple butcher counter
Appliances: 3.4 cu ft fridge, electric stovetop
Bathroom: 36′ x 36′ shower, low flush toilet, tiny sink
Utility Hookups: 50A electric, water inlet, 3″ sewer hookup
HVAC: Heating and air conditioning mini split system
Upgrades: A/C & sealed interior walls
RVIA certified Yes
Warranty 1 year manufacturer warranty. 9 Year extended warranty available