The very first Tiny House RVs were built on utility trailers you could buy at the Trailer store in Any Town, USA. They typically came in sizes of 14′ and 18′. Longer sizes did exist but were hard to find. Rarely did the longer sizes have the proper weight rating for a tiny house – and thus the Tiny House Trailer was invented.

There are 3 tiny house trailer styles (not counting a fifth wheel) … and each type will have a HUGE impact on your design.

Utility Trailer

A good tiny house utility trailer will feature the floor framing inside the trailer. This allows you to saving you an extra 3 1/2″ of headroom! Building between the wheel wells, the Utility Trailer design allows for exterior eaves that will extend to the maximum legal width of 8’6.” Eaves are gorgeous aesthetically, but they also protect your siding from rain and snow damage. On the flip side, your interior is smaller as a result.

Deck Over Trailer

The Deck Over Trailer is the ideal trailer for single-story Tiny House RV designs. The Deck Over has maximized trailer width by building over the wheel wells. Another advantage is you maximize the width and don’t have the wheels sticking into your tiny house.

“Tiny House” Trailer

Nowadays almost all Tiny House Trailers are designed to maximize house width and height. This is don by building the trailer frame as wide as possible. The wheels will stick up into your tiny house. Most people are willing to sacrifice a little bit of aesthetic pleasantries for extra space.