Price $79,996
Mo. Payment*
*5.67% interest, 15 yr term with 20% down payment; or 8.50% interest, 23 yr term with 20% down payment. Your actual rate will vary based on credit history and other factors.
Ready for pickup/delivery: Available Now
$499 D&H charges apply, Delivery charges extra

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Features, Options, and Specs

Length: 26 ft
Space: Main: 188 ft2
Loft: 76 ft2
Sleeps: Up to 4
Certifications: RVIA
TRA Green Certified
On-Site Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty, 9 year extended warranty available
Weight: 12,000 lbs (approximate)
Towing: 1 ton truck
Delivery: Pickup in Colorado Springs or get it delivered in Continental US
Exterior Trim: Painted Blue, White Wood Door
White Vinyl Windows
Silver roof
Interior Decor: Farmhouse ($2,559 Upgrade)
Kitchen: Large Basin Stainless Sink ($699 Upgrade)
Bathroom: Standard RV facilities
Utilities: 50A Electric
3″ Sewer Hookups
Extras: Air Conditioner ($2,229 Upgrade)
Washer/Dryer ($1,559 Upgrade)

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