It’s been a slower start this year, for the winter. Yet Zack Giffin and Molly Baker have been getting their tiny house ready, driving her to the mountains and skiing anyway. We wanted to show you some of their new season, from the beginning.

Tiny is leaving the flat-lands in 2013  (

The tiny house has been updated and fixed over the summer and fall, and is ready to travel, explore and find any snow suitable for great skiing and boarding in the higher latitudes and altitudes. This year, she even has a reliable truck to tow her.

Zach and Molly are in snowier climes by December  (

Despite all the warm weather this season, there is a little bit of snow to be found. Here our intrepid snow seekers are sending out their Holiday Greetings card, looking no worse for wear. They have been all over the West, including Jackson Hole, by the end of 2013.

Finally, winter has arrived and the tiny house looks like she’s home at last. On this evening, there’s at least a foot and a half on the roof-top and some cornices (forgive the mountain humor) hanging over the roof in the back. Most notably there’s a little smoke rising from the chimney, fueled by the mini wood stove within the tiny home.