Cooking in a tiny kitchen can be frustrating if you don’t have a functional design, streamlined routine, and a positive outlook. In this article, I share a few tips to help you become more organized and happy in your Tumbleweed kitchen.

5 Tips for Cooking in a Tiny Kitchen

1). Magnetize your tools

If you’re like me, you love experimenting with unusual spices. I have dozens of spices, and they would take up valuable cabinet space if I didn’t come up with a solution. Magnetic spice racks are very popular in tiny kitchens. I like this spice rack from Gneiss Spice because it looks like a honeycomb, but there are many options out there. Hanging my spices near the stove allows for easy access and spontaneous creativity. I also recommend magnetic knife holders, which will free up your counter space.

Tiny Kitchen

My tiny kitchen with a magnetized spice rack

2). Cook in one pot

Cooking doesn’t always have to be a BIG event.