Tiny House Workshops

Dream Big Go Tiny!

Are you ready to go tiny? Whether you’re just tiny-curious or ready to start building, this 2-day workshop will have you dreaming tiny and fully prepared to take the next steps that are right for you.

Our popular tiny house workshop will show you what’s possible and guide you through all your options. You’ll experience tiny house life through the stories of people who’ve done it; discover if you should build or buy; and network with tiny lifestylers just like you. Join us!


2017 Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop Locations

Tumbleweed Workshop in New York

New York, NY

July 22–23

Price: $399 $299
Offer Ends 6/30

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“This was an excellent workshop. I purchased the DVD which was great but the workshop went more indepth on each subject. Also the other attendees had great input on the subjects.”
“This workshop was exactly what I needed to go to to convince me that a house on wheels is the lifestyle for me. Great information and happy to have a networking system moving forward.”
“The workshop was incredibly informational. I will know how everything was built, where it is and possibly how to repair it. I loved the workshop. Meg, Guillaume and Mario were amazing. I learned so much.”

Tumbleweed Product Discounts Available at Your Workshop


Tumbleweed Trailer

Discount: $200*
Designed specifically for Tiny House RVs.


Tiny House Shell

Discount: $500*
Partially built Tumbleweed you finish.

Cypress Tiny House RV

Tumbleweed Tiny House RV

Discount: $2,000*
Professionally-built certified Tiny House RV.

*All discounts require a fully refundable $500 deposit to be paid at the Workshop.