We’ve been building Tiny House RVs and teaching DIY workshops for more than a decade, and it’s wonderful to see Tumbleweeds spread out across the nation. Hooray for Tumbleweed USA! Below we’ve listed just a few of our customers. The Tiny House Movement continues to grow and we are proud to be a part of it.

Tumbleweed USA – happy customers across the country!


Tumbleweed USA

Ella’s Tumbleweed. Photo credit: Ella Jenkins / Little Yellow Door

Ella’s DIY Tumbleweed Cypress

As an artist, Ella finds room in her tiny space for her harp, banjo, and crafts. She recently celebrated 4 years as a Tiny Houser! Ella loves her Tiny, named “Little Yellow,” and shares it with her boyfriend and dog in Northern California. Follow Ella here. 

Tumbleweed USA

Mario’s Tumbleweed/photo credit: tinyhousemd.com

Mario’s DIY Tumbleweed Cypress 

The teched-out Tumbleweed! Mario, an employee of Apple, designed his Tiny House RV to be totally tricked-out with appliances and gadgets. Recently married, Mario is planning on building another Tiny, so this one is for sale. More on Mario’s Tiny House RV.


Tumbleweed USA

Lora’s Tumbleweed / photo credit: tinyhouseteacher.com

Lora’s Tumbleweed Cypress

Tumbleweeds can move with you! Lora had her Tiny House RV delivered to Georgia almost three years ago, but she relocated to Colorado in 2016. As the “Tiny House Teacher,” Lora gives advice to others on going tiny. Read more on her informative blog.