Last week we looked at four ways to heat your tiny house and the question was brought up as to what is the best way to cool a small house in a hot climate. I thought we would look at a few options available to the tiny house builder to keep your home cool.

I did some research and found a couple of small or smaller air conditioning units that I thought would work in a tiny house. The first one is Koldfront 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner available at Compact Appliances for around $296 plus S/H. This is an ultra compact portable air conditioner that delivers a frigid blast of cold air and fits in almost any space. This compact portable air conditioner is capable of cooling up to a 225 square foot room. I am afraid that to them ultra compact means Height: 24 3/4″, Width: 19 1/4″ and Depth: 13 1/4″ so this will eat up a corner in your Epu or Fencl. Still I think it would be worth looking into if you have a place to store it during the off season. A few of the features are a 24 hour timer, compact design, self evaporative system, energy saving design, built in dehumidifier and environmentally friendly.

You can get the full details at Compact Appliances.

The next unit I found was the Frigidaire FAA055P7A Mini Compact Window Air Conditioner. This unit is designed to cool rooms of up to 165 square feet. It is a 5300 BTU cooling unit with a 24 hour timer, 8-way directional control, energy efficient, and is EnergyStar certified. It also has an Electrostatic air filtration w/ ionizer, Low Voltage Compensation (LVC) technology ensures proper operation of the unit when voltage fluctuates. It is quite small with dimensions of 14”D x 12.5”H x 18.5”W. With a very reachable price of $126. You can learn more about it at Beach Audio.

The KoolerAire is a unique cooler and very affordable, but requires a more manual form of operation. It appears to be a fan designed for your icebox which creates cool air from the ice in the ice box. It would probably be best used in a climate where air conditioning is needed infrequently.

Here are a few details. KoolerAire’s unique design makes it the most portable air conditioner on the market today. Because KoolerAire does not have the restraints of a water supply hose you can take it anywhere you would a standard KoolerAire or Igloo cooler!

KoolerAire fits securely within the top portion of your cooler, trapping the cold air inside. Once the unit is turned on, the powerful 100 cfm, brush-less fan draws hot air in through the large opening directly into and through the ice. The air is instantly cooled to about 50 degrees before being released through the smaller vent. At $40 you might just want to check it out here at the KoolerAire website.

The next step down is the basic fan and here is an example from Compact Appliances: a unique design with a small footprint. You could do something similar to the KoolerAire above with your own ice and fan design or just use the fan and park your home near a good shade tree, another way to keep your home cool.

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas on what to look for in a cooling system for your tiny house. If you know of some other great cooling sources please comment below and share them with us.