Lusby for Sale

Last year I was inspired Jay’s beautiful Tumbleweed houses and wanted to follow in his footsteps. I attended his workshop and bought plans for the Lusby. Not being handy myself, I hired a professional builder of custom homes to build the exterior of my tiny house. Its home was to be on a perfectly picturesque New Hampshire lake. I put my traditional, 4 bedroom home on the market and waited… and waited…and waited. Not even one offer did I get, even after dropping with price by a third. With three kids in college, I couldn’t afford to keep holding on to both properties. I sold my lakeside lot and am now selling my tiny house.

It is completed on the exterior; the interior is partially done. Here are the specifications:


House width: 8’

House length: 19’

Trailer Size: 7’ x 18’

Road Height: 13’ 5″

Dry Weight: 8,000 to 10,000 lbs (estimated)

Porch: 7 1/2 ’ x 3’

Main Room: 6 1/2 ’ x 6 1/2 ’

Kitchen: In main room

Bathroom: 3’ x 6’

Loft height: 3’ 8″

Ceiling height: 6’ 3″ (All measurements are approximate.)

The following features are currently a part of the tiny house:

1. shingled roof

2. cedar siding (painted)

3. exterior front door (African Mahogany with glass center panel)

4. pet door for cat or small dog

5. 3 windows and screens on each long side

6. loft windows (cannot open)

7. fiberglass shower

8. electric wiring

9. cable TV wiring These items are included with the house but are not installed.

Many are still in original shipping cartons.

1. 2 interior doors (African Mahogany)

2. antique style brass door knobs

3. stained glass inserts for loft windows plus extra piece that could be fastened to the front door

4. tiny toilet

5. bathroom pedestal sink with porcelain faucets

6. living room, bathroom and bedroom

7. handmade Cape Code lantern style porch lights

8. stainless kitchen sink (faucet not included)

9. kitchen sink cabinet

10. recycled jeans batt insulation (more is needed)

11. electric water heater, 10 gallon

12. wood stove, stainless steel enclosure and chimney pipe

What is not finished?

* the interior walls (drywall) and finish trim are not in

* interior doors are included but not installed

* finish flooring is not included

* lighting fixtures need to be installed after drywall is in

* porch lights need to be installed

* outlets and light switches are not included

* wood stove needs to be installed

* plumbing and kitchen fixtures need to be installed

* kitchen cabinet for sink needs to be installed (and more cabinets need to be purchased for rest of kitchen)

* kitchen appliances are not included

* stained glass inserts for loft windows need to be installed

* insulation is not complete

* ladder to loft is not included

* closets have not been built

The tiny house is currently in southern New Hampshire. You are welcome to come and pick it up or I’ll help you find a company to bring it to you.