Have you ever noticed that the life of the party is always in one room, no matter the size of the house? Usually the kitchen or the living room. If the room is too large and the crowd too small, the party is less of a success because the guests are dispersed. Ease of conversation is naturally linked to proximity. For example: Are you more likely to chat with someone across the room or next to you on the couch?

It’s pretty simple — intimate spaces enhance social activity.

 Lina Menard hosts a Dinner Party in the Bayside Bungalow

In a Tiny House RV, the space is very intimate, so you’ll have no trouble filling your living room / kitchen combination with about 10-15 standing guests. Perfect for small gatherings, but what if you want to have a larger party? Don’t panic, it is possible! After all, you’re a Tiny House RV owner that thrives on creative spaces.

A few ideas from other Tiny House RV owners: 

Tiny House Giant Journey with their outdoor movie screen

1). Movie Night

Using a retractable projector screen you can easily host a top notch movie screening in your tiny space. To increase sitting room, place comfy cushions on the floor of your Tiny House RV. Pass bowls of popcorn and candy around. Create a film trivia board. Your guests will be thrilled with the unique screening experience!

Beach Party with Tiny House Giant Journey‘s Tumbleweed Cypress

2). Bring Your Tiny House RV to the Party

One of the major advantages of having a house on wheels is that you can bring it with you everywhere! Beach party? No problem! Camping weekend? Do it in style with your Tiny House RV! Ski trip? Park it near the mountain and serve hot cocoa! Your Tiny House RV will be the topic of every conversation.

Image credit

3).“Tiny” Theme Party

Embrace your small space by creating a “tiny” theme party. For example: Brittany Yunker hosted a “Teeny Tiny Martini Party” in her Tumbleweed Cypress. You could decorate your space to be “Thumbellena’s Castle,” “Santa’s Workshop” or the scariest “Tiny Haunted House” on the block! Your guests already understand it’s a small space, so play it up! 

Image Credit: Jeffrey Freeman / Caravan Tiny House Hotel Party / Tiny House Hotel

4). Use Your Tiny House RV as the Centerpiece

Host an outdoor party with your Tiny House RV as the charming backdrop. Use your tiny space as a bar and/or serve hors d’oeuvres out the window. Transform it into a photo booth or use it as a comfortable sitting area with front row seats to the party. Host a barbecue, dance floor, fire pit or croquet game for outdoor entertainment. 

5). Revolving Tiny Housewarming Party

Your friends and family will be curious to see the inside of your tiny space, so for its BIG debut, host a revolving open house. Create a game where your guests experience the inside of your Tiny House RV in short increments. Keep it playful and informative. Hang photos of your build around the space, encouraging your guests to walk through. Frame quotes, images and stories that inspired you. Hold a Q&A or naming ceremony. Hand out tiny party favors. 

What ideas do YOU have for a Tiny House RV party?


Jenna BioJenna Spesard is currently living and traveling around North America in a DIY Tumbleweed Cypress with her partner, Guillaume, who is a professional photographer and Tumbleweed Workshop host. They are photographing and writing about their adventure and occasionally they will be hosting an open house. Follow their informative blog.