Wind power is a great source of energy in some areas of the country. If you live near the coast or in the desert you will have a steady stream of wind on a regular basis. In other areas of the country the wind may not be as consistent so wind power may not be the best option.

Where I live it the winds pick up usually for two or three hours in the late afternoon, so wind energy would make a good back up source to solar energy as we get a high amount of sun in this part of the country.

There are many type of wind generators out there from extremely large to small. For a tiny house on wheels you might consider a marine type wind generator as these are small and can be rigged to fold up or down for travel. They have few moving parts so are very dependable and surprisingly affordable.


Rooftop generators are becoming a hot item and there are several versions being designed with the goal to make them affordable and available to the masses. I discovered this neat link to a website that shows several of these ideas in movie form. To learn more visit the The Rhode Island Alliance For Clean Energy and the page Residential Wind Power.

The following video proves that wind power can be built and manufactured using recycled materials and very inexpensively. How would you like to use everyday recycled products to manufacture residential wind turbines, which will give you your own energy independence!

As with any type of off-grid power you will need a way to store your energy and your power station will need the correct inverters and batteries to make your  home fully independent. Below is a picture of a power station with the batteries, inverter and connections all in one unit. This one is designed to have a nice size propane container built in also.


This unit is set up to accept the wind generators power, plus connect solar panels also. With the propane setup you could also install a propane generator for back up purposes.

Hopefully, this article will inspire you to research the wind energy potential out there and you will figure out the best solution for your current and future needs. Wind is a free source of power, you just need a good way to harness it and store it.

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by Kent Griswold