Tiny House RVs are becoming so popular that top brands are actually using the concept to promote their products! Most of the time these ads take the ideals of the movement to the extreme or use them to poke fun. I guess we’re easy targets, but sometimes it is nice to chuckle at yourself. So the question is: When watching these commercials, do you giggle or feel offended?

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Funny or Not Funny!

The Sausage Nonnas” from Johnsonville & Uber

The premise of this promo focuses on three adorable Italian Grandmothers who cook and deliver sausages using their Tiny House RVs.

On November 8th, Chicago patrons ordered dishes cooked with Johnsonville sausages via Uber, and the Sausage Nonnas hand-delivered lasagna and meatballs to a few dozen lucky residents who, in turn, toured their Tiny House RVs.

Thoughts on “Sausage Nonnas:” Funny or Not?

“Owen-on-the-Move Tiny House” from AT&T

One of the top mobile phone companies recently did a commercial promoting their “simple app” and, of course, they chose two Tiny House RVers as their mascots for simplicity.

Owen visits a Tiny House RV to discuss the mentality of “less-is-more.” Although he doesn’t outright say it, Owen seems to be creeped out by the freethinking couple and their touchy-feely ways.

The ad is obviously poking fun at the couple’s hippy-dippy way of life, but I feel honored that a HUGE company would want to ride the coattails of the movement. AT&T must think it will get them exposure! 

What do you vote for AT&T: Funny or Not Funny?

“The House Party” by Bacardi

In this ad, a house is being relocated cross country and a group of youngsters (or hipsters if you prefer) decide to turn it into an epic rolling house party. The chosen house isn’t exactly a tiny, but the concept had to be inspired by Tiny House RVs.

The house bumps down the road while the youths inside order pizza, paint their toenails, grab random pedestrians to join the party and stare in amazement at the world outside their window. Bacardi is playing off the whimsical and adventurous notions of the movement. 

Would you join this party if it came rolling by?

Thoughts on Bacardi House Party: Funny or Not?

Also, as a note, the Bacardi Tiny House RV could not be on the road without a special permit (it’s too wide and high). You also wouldn’t legally be allowed inside when it’s rolling down the road. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s movie magic! 

“Geico Tiny House”

Back in 2009, Geico came out with a commercial in which a reality television couple is forced to wed and move into a home that is only four feet tall! Drama and hilarity ensues. 

Poor guy, he just wanted to make an omelette…

I think Geico might have misinterpreted the definition of “downsize” when they made this ad. What do you think?

Thoughts on Geico: Funny or Not?

Which commercial was your favorite?

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Jenna BioJenna Spesard is currently living and traveling around North America in a DIY Tumbleweed Cypress with her partner, Guillaume. They are photographing and writing about Tiny Homes and their adventure. Follow their informative blog.