Three Issues to think about when choosing a Toilet

When looking for a toilet to fill your needs in a tiny house, these are three issues to think about before you make your final decision. There may be other issues, but this will give you a place to start.

  1. Industry Standards a toilet that can be easily replaced upgraded and repaired.
  2. RV Toilets that I have seen upon initial inspection look and feel inadequate.  That is, all of the ones I viewed at a local RV supply company mostly are plastic and don’t give the design appearance that I would like to have in a bathroom fixture.  I have seen ones that have a ceramic bowl but with a plastic body/pedestal. If I may be subjective, They Are UGLY. I believe they include plastic due to the fact that if they were all ceramic that they would crack do to movement or deflection of the RV on the road and reduce weight. A very viable reason. Who wants to replace a toilet every time you move your RV. An option is to rough out the toilet drain stub-out 12″ from the back wall instead of the 11″ that RV toilets generally require so that way you have the option of installing a standard ceramic toilet or RV toilet. If an all Ceramic Toilet is used I would recommend that either you disassemble the Tank from the bowl during transport or provide some sort of Neoprene gasket to  separate the two similar materials. If the two ceramic parts rub aggressively they could very well cause breakage and failure. I have not had experience of being on the road with a two part ceramic toilet. I would recommend removing the toilet during transport to be on the safe side. I would be interested in hearing other peoples experience. A one piece all ceramic toilet is another option, but once again, if I may be subjective, They are UGLY. One option for a small space is the American Standard Cadet 3 round front bowl with a Tropic tank made for the Cadet bowl. The best thing is to look and see what is available in your area in a small size and choose what you like the best for your home.
  3. Price. The toilets that I have seen as stated above don’t give offer the quality at the price points that I would like to see for myself. It is hard to justify spending more money on an RV toilet that is made of plastic. I have not done exhausted research on the RV toilets and I may be off base here. If there is a toilet that serves all of the benefits of durability during transport along with quality and pleasing appearance I would be more than willing to pay the extra cost.


I believe that most tiny houses will be spending more time stationary than on the road and at this point merits a toilet that functions well in that context. I also believe in Composting toilets and that they can be as inexpensive and just as functional as standard flush toilets but they do require a level of responsibility to the user. This responsibility is a good thing. You can fashion a fully functional Sawdust toilet for as little as 10 dollars but this must be paired with a conscientious user. Local jurisdictions do play a part and most often side on the conservative for good reason. a good read on this topic is “The Humanure Handbook.”


This should give you some food for thought when looking at options for a toilet in your tiny house that you choose to build. As always comments and suggestions are welcome.

Kent Griswold publishes the Tiny House Blog