Stolen tiny houses?! Unfortunately, this has happened several times. Good news. You can easily avoid this awful situation with the right preparation and tools.

The mobile nature of tiny houses makes them an easy pick for burglars. That’s why home security should be a top priority.

As nomadic tiny house dwellers, my boyfriend and I have parked in all kinds of weird places the past several years. For example, we have made city streets, warehouse yards, and truck stops.

One of our frequently asked questions is, “what do we do about security in your tiny home?” Fortunately, we have never had any issues, but we do take critical precautions.

The essentials in our tiny house security include basic protections like a code deadbolt for our front door. Due to the easily breakable single pane glass in our front door, we added plexiglass on the inside for added protection. But what else can you do to protect your tiny house?

From installing alarm systems to using hitch locks, keep reading for easy tips to improve your tiny home security.

7 Tiny Home Security Tools to Deter and Prevent Theft

1) Hitch lock

A hitch lock is trailer security 101. It prevents someone else from hitching up your tiny house on wheels and driving off with it. For our tiny house, we use the MegaHitch Vault.

2) Wheel Lock