Looking for Land for Your Tiny House?

If you ask tiny house enthusiasts where they want to park their tiny house, many are quick to reply, “on my own land!” But very few are aware of all that goes into single lot development. Unfortunately, it is not as straightforward as it might seem. There are many critical restrictions, risks and financial investment you need to consider. Finding land is just the first step.

Recently, we met up with Alan, a DIY tiny house RV owner. He parked on a beautiful wooded piece of land, located in a rural neighborhood outside of a Colorado mountain town. His small parcel was considered unbuildable. It is triangular-shaped and mostly uphill. Alan had to do significant grading work to create a level spot for his tiny house.

Alan had to bring power to his property and build a water storage shed. His neighborhood doesn’t offer water service. During this time, he made an effort to get to know the neighbors. Alan took it one step further by freely offering his manual labor to help them maintain their properties. He also signed up for private road maintenance duties with the local neighborhood group. In the end, Alan won over his neighbors support while creating a beautiful sanctuary, perfect as a fly fishing adventure basecamp.

If you plan on traveling with your Tiny House RV, read this article about finding parking for a tiny house.

Are you looking to follow in Alan’s footsteps?

4 Things You Need to Know

Where to Find Land

Available land and undeveloped lots are not abundant everywhere in the country and can be hard to find. Driving around in search of land for sale signs is not an efficient way to find land. Good news: more than ever before, there are more online land sales sites. These allow you to search by location, property type (farm, recreational, etc.), and special features. For more in-depth information about an available parcel, be sure to contact the realtor and local jurisdiction, city or county or both.

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