Are you concerned about maintaining your culinary passions in a Tiny House RV? Well, don’t worry! Cooking in a tiny kitchen is the same as cooking in a large kitchen – you just need the right tools! 

Tumbleweed offers full range and four burner stove tops (propane or electric) in all of their Tiny House RV designs. For more information on Tumbleweed kitchen options, click here. We’ve also written an informative article listing the Top Refrigerators of Tiny House RVs.

4 Tips When Designing a Tiny Kitchen for BIG Meals: 

1) Go BIG on Your Counter Space

When designing a tiny kitchen that will be used for cooking BIG meals, make sure to allocate plenty of counter space for food prep. Folding countertops can provide additional space that can disappear when not in use. Remember that counter space is multi-functional, and can be used as a dinning space, work space or for organizing groceries.

For more countertop tips, check out: 10 Tricks for Decluttering Your Kitchen Counters.

2) Purchase Space-Saving Kitchen Tools