Have you ever noticed that the life of the party is always in one room, no matter the size of the house? Usually the kitchen or the living room. If the room is too large and the crowd too small, the party is less of a success because the guests are dispersed. Ease of conversation is naturally linked to proximity. For example: Are you more likely to chat with someone across the room or next to you on the couch?

It’s pretty simple — intimate spaces enhance social activity.

Lina Menard hosts a Dinner Party in the Bayside Bungalow

In a Tiny House RV, the space is very intimate, so you’ll have no trouble filling your living room / kitchen combination with about 10-15 standing guests. Perfect for small gatherings, but what if you want to have a larger party? Don’t panic, it is possible! After all, you’re a Tiny House RV owner that thrives on creative spaces.


This is my third holiday season as a tiny houser. It feels good to host company, even though most of my guests live in a house 15 times larger than my Tumbleweed. At my dinner parties – which usually include 4 to 6 people – my guests always compliment the creative techniques I use to accommodate them. Below I’ve listed some advice for hosting in a tiny space. Feel free to add your own tips in the comments. Happy Holidays everyone!

5 Tips to Host Company in your Tumbleweed